Day 1: picking recipes Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

Day 1: picking recipes  Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

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Deciding which recipes to add to your repertoire can be difficult especially if youre looking for the healthy variety.  On average, I probably try 2-3 new recipes per month.  Some are keepers and some go straight into the trash.

Here are a few things I look for when I pick out a recipe ~>

1) I look for recipes that contain a handful of ingredients ~ Honestly, this originated out of pure convenience but I generally think a recipe with few ingredients is more manageable, more practical, & makes it easier to decide if its healthy.

2) I typically start looking in fitness magazines or on fitness web sites ~ I would argue, however, that not every recipe found in a health magazine or on a fitness web site is healthy.  I often find myself swapping out some ingredients for a healthier substitution.  And if you find a recipe in a magazine, tear it out of the magazine.  You are much more likely to make it again if its not buried in a magazine or a stack of magazines.

3) Look for recipes that have whole & unprocessed ingredients.  Enough said!

4) As stated above, dont rule out a recipe right away due to the ingredients because you may be able to put in a healthy substitute.  For example, instead of using butter or margarine, can you substitute olive oil instead?  Instead of white flour, can you substitute oat flour?

5) Similar to #4, dont rule out a recipe right away if you do not have an ingredient on hand.  Do you have an alternative ingredient that you could use?  If you dont have brown rice on hand, can you utilize quinoa?  If you dont have spaghetti squash on hand, could you use whole wheat or brown rice pasta instead?

6) After you make the recipe for the first time, I typically star it and add notes to it.  Would you change anything?  Did you substitute anything that you want to remember for next time?

What do you look for when picking out a recipe?

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← On the first day of Christmas

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This is my pursuit of a life full of health. I hope you will join, stay, & participate. I''ll share what works for me and my lessons learned. I hope you will share yours as well!

On the first day of Christmas

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Disclaimer I am not a nutritionist, dietician, trainer, physician, therapist, etc. All of my posts/comments are my own view based on what I have tried and what works for me. I am firm believer that each individual needs to do what works and what''s best for him/her.

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