5 Effective Ways To Lose Weight

5 Effective Ways To Lose Weight

Nowadays, desirability is equated not just with the face value but likewise with one’s figures and forms. That is why weight loss programs, books and magazines that tackle said issue are selling like hot cakes in the market. The truth is, success depends on one’s strategy, determination and persistence. Here are five simple ways to keep the scale balance.

1. MOTIVATION. Before anything else, ask yourself why do you have to do this? Is it because you want to impress your partner, belong in a certain group, or simply because you owe that to yourself? That looking good and healthy is the best package you can deliver every time you look at the mirror. The reason why many fail along the way is because of a wrong motivation. Putting yourself above all reasons will keep the drive active and the fire burning. Because others may fade or leave, but you will always be moving along with your own self.

tame your appetite

2. TAME YOUR APPETITE. The word is tame not deprive. Skipping meals worsens the desire to eat more once the hypothalamus signals the hunger light on. Starving will lead to over eating on the next meal. It has been observed that people who eat a balanced meal on a regular interval tend not to eat snacks in between and maintain their weight religiously.

3. EXERCISE WITH A FRIEND. This may be an overused advice but will always remain effective no matter what. I just add a twist of doing it with a friend or preferably, a group of company you truly enjoy. The reason why people cannot sustain the regular demands of sweating it out is because doing it alone is lonely and boring. However, friends keep the wheels turning. It is always good to couple the activity with a conversation. A good talk with laughter burn more calories and for all you know your 1 hour on the treadmill is done. Mission accomplished without stress and color of boredom.

4. SILENCE. Sitting apart from a crowd for a reasonable length of time to give time for yourself to breath relaxes your system. Some people tend to be bulimic or anorexic because they have no chance to listen to their inner self. Everything around is noisy and distracting so they unconsciously displace their feeling of indifference, anger and guilt to food. Meditation balances the energy in our body. Once equilibrium is achieved, the mind can control the body to its desired goal or objectives.

5. PRAY. The most powerful of all. True indeed that the body may be willing but the spirit is weak. Therefore, we must be humble enough to realize that we need a divine intervention to completely achieve our goal. Our immortality has insatiable desires that may lead to over indulgence. However, a well nourish soul can conquer this limitation and bring it down to a positive level.

We all want to look fabulous because society favors beauty. But let us also not negate the fact that no matter how lean our body is, how toned our muscles are, still the most important factor that spell a great difference is when we are weigh in the scale of compassion, we will not be found wanting. Bottom-line- beautiful body, beautiful mind and beautiful heart.